Bartosz Bartosik

Curriculum Vitae

SME IT Support Expert

Databases / Monitoring / IAM / SQL

Docker / Kubernetes / Python / AI / ML

Project Management

ITIL / IT Service Management

Knowledge Management

Compliance & Risk Management


 But work is not everything! Aside of above, and Resume included details, you way want to know that:

  • Once I find some technology interesting – im giving 100% of my time to focus and understand the tool/suite/process.
  • One of my latest hobbies is ML and AI workflow design, training language and voice models, generating some unbelivable images using these
  • Also, working on AI driven series
  • Have some experience with AVR’s and microcontrolers, 
  • Have quite experience with contenerization, selfhosting solutions for personal needs
  • Have a lot of experience with multiple kinds of databases, datastores etc.
  • I’m an actual Retro freak, in my collection You can find fully working Amiga 600, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, and multiple never generation consoles.
  • Also can repair, recap and renew most of the retro stuff, soldering iron in hands and lets go!
  • I play a bit of guitar & bass
  • I have 4 cats, these folks can successfully fill up any meantime in life I have. 
  • Maintaing SDR over Web  
  • Along with me and my cats – there is also doggo
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